Do you have a website to-do list?

There is always something to-do,
but if you have a WordPress website maintenance isn’t optional.

This morning I got email notices that 3 of my websites needed updates. (I use a great security plug-in WordFence that sends out an email when something needs attention.) As I updated them all to the newest version of WordPress, 4.5, and updated some plug-ins I realized how many people I know with sites that are probably not being updated regularly.

It just has to be done. Hackers are always finding new ways to get in, so WordPress and plug-in developers regularly release protective updates.

If your site hasn’t been updated recently I can help.

I finished a big project early and have a few weeks to work on other things. If you have a website to do list (for WordPress or Weebly sites) send me a note, or schedule a time to talk about it.

Things I can help with…

  • content changes and additions
  • adding features – like a scheduling app, forms or setting up a blog
  • auto-responder set-up
  • building a new website (I specialize in sites you can maintain yourself)
  • 24/7 website security and maintenance
  • email set-up, signatures or systems
  • affiliate programs – joining programs or setting up one for you
  • something else, just ask

I’ve been helping build small businesses grow for 25 years, and I started my first e-commerce site (  in 1996 (before there were shopping carts, you had to call in your order!)  I know my stuff. Over the years I’ve built all kinds of websites, tried things that worked — and some that didn’t.  One thing I’ve learned is that if you are good at something that’s what you should do and if you don’t know it, find help from someone who does.

You don’t need to let technology get in your way.

Let’s talk,




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